This Guy Taught His Bees How To Make Honey Out Of Cannabis That Can Get You High

This Guy Trained His Bees To Make Honey From Weed! We know it’s weird, but awesome at the same time Right?

Nicholas is a 39 year old man from France and is a beekeeper, an artist, and a locksmith, he’s also an outspoken supporter of marijuana.

For years now he’s been trying to figure out how to combine his love of cannabis with his love of bees.

And now, it looks like he’s figured it out. He managed to train his bees to make honey after gathering resin from cannabis plants. Amazing right?

Check out the video below of his bees flocking to some nice cannabis flowers to gather resin from them.

He have also trained his bees to do several other things, such as collect sugar from fruits, instead of using flowers.