The Boy And The Pregnant Woman Appear Like Any Ordinary Beggars, But Drives Off In A Mercedes!

One local San Diego news station was contacted by an outraged viewer when he noticed something unusual within the shopping center – one boy and a pregnant woman beg were begging and after that drove away.
They drove away a Mercedes Benz. Melissa Smith decided to record the whole happening on camera. Picture of the Benz, the boy and the other beggar were taken by her. According to Melissa, the act went on within the shopping center for two months. They only begged over the weekend and someone she assumed to be a boyfriend or husband to the woman could occasionally join them.
People on the various online platforms differed in their viewers. Some supported the beggars and said there was a possibility they in dire need of the money since a Mercedes wasn’t expensive after all- sites like Craigslist and eBay can offer one at a cost that’s not more than $ 5,000.
Others are stills against their act. According to one commenter, it’s unacceptable to beg while one is physically fit. One is supposed to opt for begging if he or she is not able to meet his or her needs. Given that they are able to drive, they are in a position to work and earn a living.
On paper, the woman has not broken any laws, she’s is a con by profession and is dedicated to train her son on the same route.