Teen Sold Newspapers Since He Was 12 Years Old To Save Enough Money To Pay For College!

17-year-old Kevuntez King told FOX13 that he grew up in a single-parent home with his mother. He says her influence helped pave the way to his success.

So from the age of 12-17, when most kids were concerned with getting to the next level of their video game or into sports, King sold newspapers. He held on to the job for five years and sold thousands of newspapers with one goal in mind, to earn enough money to pay for his college education instead of depending on scholarships or grants as the normal teenager would.

King earned about $200 each and every Sunday while selling papers at a downtown Memphis intersection. After five years of hard work and saving his money he had finally reached his goal.

He was accepted into Tennessee State University, and have earned enough money to pay for his tuition in full.

King wants to share a piece of advice for anyone who feels their dreams are impossible: “Make sure you surround yourself with people that’s trying to go up in life and not trying to bring you down. Just stay positive and always believe in yourself and push for it.”