She Went For A Jog, But Just Minutes In She’s Was Fighting For Her Life

Two Cousins Attacked By Four Pit Bulls And Struggle To Get Away

Two young women are recovering from a vicious pit bull attack after being chased by a pack of dogs down a country road in rural, Carroll County, Indiana. Cousins, Isabella George, 19, and Rebekah Forgey, 20, were suddenly attacked by four pit bulls during an afternoon jog and struggled to get away in time.

They first stood still, but when they saw the dogs had no intention in stopping they ran towards a field to try and escape the pack. The owner of the dogs, Richard Darter, 50, arrived to the scene and tried to stop the attack, but was unsuccessful. Finally, a woman driving by in a car saw what was going on then drove on to the field, which scattered the dogs. She was able to successfully get the two young girls and owner into the truck and take them to the hospital.

One Cousin Is Still In Critical Condition

George, 19, was bitten from head to toe and is now covered with bruises and puncture wounds. Forgey, 20, had flesh ripped from her scalp and muscle torn from her leg. She is still in the hospital with a long road to recovery. Sheriffs ordered the dogs to be found and shot on sight. This was not the first time Darter’s dogs have gotten him in trouble with the law, but definitely nothing to this extent. The families of the victims have set up a GoFundMe page to help with their medical expenses. They are just happy to be alive.