Nick Cannon Challenges Eminem To $100,000 Rap Battle

Nick Cannon has recently called out Eminem for a rap battle. He’s so confident in his rapping skills he’s even willing to bet $100,000 that he will slaughter any artist including the┬áMulti-Platinum artist Eminem.

During a recent interview with British DJ Tim Westwood, Mr. Cannon announced that he plans to host a rap battle around the time of the BET Awards (June 26), with each competitor putting forth $100,000. He wants Eminem to be first in line as he calls out Tyga and other artists.

We personally don’t think that’s a good idea, but hey Nick if you $100,000 to lose then go for it. ┬áDo you guys think Mr. Cannon is still heated about Em going in on his ex wife Mariah Carey? Maybe.