Clever Pun Intended Tattoos

The original “Tramp Stamp”



Time Flies

The Time Flies Tattoo


Ain’t Easy Bein’ Wheezy

This Pun Win


Nice 6 Pack Dude

Get a Load of That Six Pack


Speak Up!

How to Speak Up Without Ever Saying a Word


I Got Two Tickets To The Gun Show!

This Guy's Got His Tickets


El Bow…Get It?

The El-Bow


Raisin’ Hell


This Pimp Prune


I Love C**k…

Something Tells Us They Don't Love "Poultry"


Hey Baby Cakes, Hey Stud Muffin

Baby Cakes and Stud Muffin


Dead Beet

What a Dead Beet


Gone to The Market