Check Out Kevin Gates Shady Interview At Birthday Bash In Atlanta

Kevin Gates seemed like he wasn’t in a talking mood this past weekend at 107.9’s FM annual Birthday Bash concert. As Hot 107.9 radio personality DJ Traci Steele welcomes him by touching him on his arm you can tell he didn’t like that at all by giving her a mean mug, stepping back, and wiping of his sleeve. As she continually try to interview him and get the interview rolling he consistently says “I don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.”  She played it off very well because that interview should have been cut short a long time ago lol. Do you guys think he was rude? Or just not in a talking mood. Do you guys think he has a lot of animosity towards women? Would the interview have went the same if it was a male interviewing him?

Is You Done Or Is You Done! -Birdman