BALLIN: Check Out Jay Z And Beyonce’s New $93 Million Dollar Mansion

Jay Z And Beyonce just bought one of the biggest and most expensive mansions in the world. The $93 Million Dollar, 38,000 square feet mega-million mansion has 10 bedrooms and 20 full bathrooms in the main residence along with several separate structures for guests and/or staff. The masters suite is 5,300 square feet alone, which is bigger than some million dollar homes. This mansion is literally the size of a warehouse.

The mega-mansion has many features which includes features a lounge, wine room, professional-grade movie theater with “a separate valet entrance,” an indoor waterfall that drops into a lap pool, beauty salon, mani-pedi station, massage room, steam facilities, and a 10 car garage.

Damn, the maintenance for this mansion is going to be an arm and a leg, but who cares, it’s Jay Z and Beyonce. They probably make that 93 Million last year alone.